Our educational program with free software licenses for commercial grade CAD/CAM technology

GAIN – give access to the latest CAD/CAM technology to all your students

The technical education environment preparing designers and CAD/CAM specialists for the fashion and apparel industry has been always struggling to gain access to production level technology and to reproduce real manufacturing processes in their labs.

Our contribution to change is granting access to a complete solution that covers the entire production workflow in the fashion and apparel industry (design, product development, and manufacturing), answering modern challenges like automation, customization, integration, and communication among processes, devices, and systems.

Under GAIN, we offer free educational licenses for COMMERCIAL GRADE technology to any type of technical educational institution and any individual associated with one, without limitation to teachers, researchers, trainers, as well as all their students, trainees, and course attendees, for as long as they are involved in the educational activities.

Who can benefit from GAIN?

Educational institutions: Any private or public educational institution that is preparing CAD/CAM specialists for the fashion and apparel industry, such as: faculties and universities, colleges and schools of any degree, vocational education and training organizations, research institutes, experts’ boards and associations, etc.

Individuals who are related to the above institutions: any individual associated with an educational institution without limitation to teachers, researchers, trainers, as well as all their students, trainees and course attendees, for as long as they are involved in the educational activities.

What do you GAIN?

NO COSTS – The educational licenses are free of charge for all the software products, granted under a GAIN contract, for all the authorized institutions and individuals.

ACCESS TO HIGH TECHNOLOGY – The educational licenses refer to the highest level of Gemini CAD Systems technology and the latest versions of the software products, being subject of automate update and upgrade, according to the periodic releases launched by the company.

PRODUCTION LEVEL USAGE – The educational licenses refer to commercial-grade software products, which means access to the creative features of the applications, but also access to using them for complete production workflow. The users of an educational license get access to cloud resources and the possibility to obtain any kind of production file being able to launch real manufacturing processes, in a certain monthly volume, as agreed in the GAIN contract. 

24/7 ACCESSIBILITY – The GAIN beneficiaries get 24/7 access to their licenses by having the possibility to install the technology on their personal home computer as well as on the school ones, and use their software products at school or in any other location.

POST-CONTRACT BENEFITS – After graduating or terminating the research contract, the academic licenses users can benefit from preferential rates and offerings when buying standard Gemini licenses, based on terms and conditions.

LONG TERM ACCESS – The educational licenses remain valid for authorized individuals throughout the entire duration of their educational activities, under GAIN contract provisions.

How does it work?



The Educational Institution submits an application to join the program. The application gets reviewed and you will be notified about the resolution of acceptancy in a maximum of 30 days.

Legal phase


Gemini CAD Systems and the educational institution agree the terms of the partnership, conclude the contract and the program’s benefits extended to all the authorized individuals associated with the school like professors, teachers, trainers, researchers, students, course attendees.

Access the infrastructure


After the conclusion of the contract, the educational partner designates a representative in charge of managing the GAIN partnership, who registers on GEMINI’s operational online platform and creates the organization’s account, becoming the account Administrator. The account provided by GEMINI allows full management of the educational partnership and the access to all the digital tools and resources provided by Gemini for the Partner as GAIN beneficiary.

Following, any individual associated with the educational partner will register on the educational platform, will create a personal account and will then request to join the organization, in order to enlist as its authorized user and get access to licenses and all the other necessary resources.

Enjoy using your software!


After signing in and setting the organization and personal accounts on the platform, each authorized user can now download, install and enjoy using their free licenses on their personal or school devices for as long as they are involved in the educational activities.

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